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Premier Volunteers of Ghana (PREVOG) now known as Inside Africa Volunteer (IAFRIVO) is one of the leading non-profit organizations without any political or religious affiliations. We place special focus on community development projects, including wide range of humanitarian and community outreach programs. IAFRIVO has partnered with reputable organizations in Ghana looking for international volunteers and interns. The programs are carefully designed for all persons, students, recent graduates and individuals from all academic backgrounds and all levels of experience. The programs include tailor made short term and long term experimental study abroad programs for school credit or for career development.
Programs offered by PREVOG are aimed at projecting Ghana, Africa to the outside world through educational activities, community development and student exchange program. Our programs are carefully designed for all persons, students, recent graduates and individuals from all academic backgrounds and all levels of experience. The programs include tailor made short term and long term experimental study abroad programs for academic credit and for career development.

To continue to have strong partnership with individuals, groups, organizations as well as be the leading organization to bringing relieve to communities deprived economically, socially, emotionally through humanitarian service, volunteer work, outreach activities and inspire less privileged ones to reach their fullest potentials in education, health care, environmental protection, cultural elevation and youth creativity for a better well being.


In other to let you get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country, the people, the way of life and to get your bearings on everything is to guide you through an in-depth perspective of the cultural activities of the African way of life. Our always-available Directors will coordinate a city orientation and tour at the beginning of each program to familiarize you with your new surroundings and host family. During the orientation process, The Directors will take you through reviews about health and safety information, cultural customs and everything you need to know. After been welcome at the Accra International Airport and taken to your friendly host family.
You will be given the necessary traditional welcome including drinks and food where appropriate.
The next day we will take you through an ‘orientation’ of the Ghanaian social structure, lectures on political and economic history, survival language lessons, cultural do’s and don’ts health matters, socially accepted behaviors, work ethics in Ghana, expectations of the institution and the host project.
In 2005 IAFRIVO started as a neighborhood group initiative to assist in communal labor, awareness creation and other community self help activities; such as clean up exercises and common issues concerning the community by the current programs director, Evans Kwashie Fiawoyipe and other well meaning members. We strongly believe in the saying “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. Stated by the Former President of the United States of America - John F. Kennedy. By extension, he's asking every one what he/she can do to be a contributor to the world.
The organizations started without an office, but through hard work from members and volunteers we had acquired an appreciable office with all the necessary ICT facilities.

Open to interested volunteers and interns between 18 and 70. We proudly welcome diverse spectrum of volunteers from all walks of life worldwide.

Among the many human needs, we are called to focus on a ministry of Total Health. We define Total Health as the capacity of individuals, families and communities to work together to transform the conditions that promote physical, emotional, social, economical, environmental and spiritual well being. We respond to needs

WE RESPOND TO NEEDS:We commit ourselves to listen to the voices and concerns of others who express needs and we strive to respond in timely and appropriate ways. We commit to encourage and honor local initiative, promoting the use of local resources and protecting the dignity of the poor. We will use our resources to meet these expressed needs in a sustainable manner, encouraging innovation, creativity and flexibility, and valuing the local knowledge of those with whom we serve. We emphasize actions that address long-term health development needs, while recognizing a responsibility to meet the immediate health needs of individuals, families and communities who face health risks and life-threatening situations. We build partnerships

We proclaim the value of collaboration, of working together to achieve common goals. We commit to promoting unity, equality, voice, participation, cooperation, resource sharing, interdependence, growth and integration among all people and groups. We recognize as our primary partner those with whom we seek to serve.

We strive to be peacemakers, actively exercising the ministry of reconciliation. We will work for genuine reconciliation between genders, races, and people groups and with the whole creation in the situations of strife, pain, brokenness and violence where ever we find ourselves. We act with integrity and accountability.


In all that we do, we seek to act with integrity, openness, honesty and accountability. We recognize that the financial and material resources with which we work are not our own, but have been entrusted to us for use in alleviating the suffering of others. We value people as reflections of God's image, and we strive for integrity and accountability in our relationships with donors, staff and partners. We commit to managing these resources to the maximum benefit of those we serve. We pursue excellence

To ensure excellence in our programs and activities; we strive to attract talented, honest and committed people, to develop our staff, and to seek partnership with other leaders. Through research, planning and participatory decision-making, we will design and implement effective programs with meaningful impact. We will set measurable goals and objectives to accomplish our plans. We desire to learn

We will be students of cultures, economics, health, environments etc and gain understanding in the contexts within which we work, investigating and learning from developments and trends. We will promote a learning environment where critical thinking and dialogue are encouraged and celebrated





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