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Deciding to volunteer or intern abroad is a great and sometimes expensive. Many of the programs offered are affordable but there are other costs in which you will have to incur. These costs are like flight expenses which in some occasions are very expensive. Also during your volunteer work you would want to travel, buy souvenirs and sometimes give a gift to the locals. These extra expenses can make you want not to volunteer or not travel.
list people and organizations that you know and trust, because these people will be the first to help you achieve your fund raising goal. You can not definitely know who will be willing to donate. Write your goals, hopes, and reasons for volunteering. When writing your fund raising letter, explain how their donation will make an impact by allowing you to meet these goals while helping a community in need or whatever.
You can circulate a press announcement to publications with which you may be affiliated, such as your local newspaper, alumni magazines, face book friends, church bulletins, or any organization bulletins. Having a short piece published is a wonderful start on your fund raising quest.
Organizing a party is One of the surest ways to raise funds is by hosting a party in your home. Host a simple function; an evening party, a cocktail party, wine tasting and a dinner party. Tell everyone who will come to the party that the event is for a good cause. Make people pay when they arrive at the party. Make the party fun and engaging!

You could secure funding from religious organizations, civic groups, alumni associations, educational institutions, and just about all contributing organizations. When you are away keep in touch with your donors by writing e-mails or reports from your placement.
Evidence, like pictures of the community that you worked with or the children that you taught. Offering to give a presentation upon your return is a great way to help people to better understand and see where their money has made a difference. Pictures of you working overseas can be good reminders of how their money made a positive impact on the world. Always remember to stay in contact with your contributing organizations Remind them and assure them of their importance to you - by telling them that you do need and appreciate their support.
There are also websites that help in your fund raising. Going to their sites and they could give you some money to help with your trips. Websites like: 


Could help you with your fund raising. Try to get a part time job Plan early, when you want to volunteer. If you are to volunteer abroad in 6 or 7 months time get a part job that will help you pay for the costs of the volunteering program.
One major source of funding is your own college or university. Many are allocated a certain amount of funds for student activities particularly if the placement can be integrated into an academic or service-learning course. Contact your university to find out more. Grants Another common way to raise money is through grant proposals. With a grant proposal, you apply to many charitable organizations, such as the Prince's Trust, to request funding.

You will want to be as polite and thankful as possible, so you may choose to write a thank you letter and include a printed list of your supporters' names. Do well to acknowledge all contributors with a thank you letter, which recognizes them of their help and reward your contributors with a follow-up presentation about what occurred during your volunteer work.


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