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Briefly a volunteer is someone who works for a community or for the benefit of someone primarily because they choose to do so to help. Taking your time off to volunteer in Ghana will be of great reward because there are genuine needs for assistance particularly in schools, orphanages, health care centers, poor communities etc. While volunteering you will have the opportunity to experience a country endowed with breath taking landscapes, changing terrain and exotic coastline. The diversity of culture and people are beautiful and Ghanaians are known to be very welcoming people.

The variety of options available with Inside Africa Volunteer Programs / Projects are really unlimited. We work with different settings, covering teaching, childcare, healthcare, construction, human rights, and conservation among many others. If that is not enough, we can always create new and custom ones using our presence and experience we have, including tailor-made opportunities. These Flexibility and Variety enables us to match volunteer skills and aspirations to a suitable placement and allow volunteers to join us when it is best for them.  Contact IAFRIVO today for a volunteer placement.


iafrivo orphanage volunteer photoBring light and happiness to disadvantaged children and youth in Accra, Ghana. IAFRIVO works with orphanages in Ghana to improve the lives of disadvantaged children. Most of these children have lost their parents, or are from impoverished families or disenfranchised minority groups. Volunteers split their time between different duties at the orphanage.

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iafrivo street children volunteer photoImagine if you were a child and had no home to sleep in, and maybe no family to protect you. It was difficult to obtain your daily necessities without guidance, and even more difficult to obtain an education or enjoy being young. Many children around the world run away from home are abandoned, kidnapped, orphaned, or live in desolate areas. Some have special needs or disabilities without any access to rehabilitation. Some just need someone to play with and give them love and care.
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iafrivo teaching volunteer photoGhana is one of the premier destinations in West Africa. A country endowed with breathtaking landscapes, changing terrain and exotic coastline. The diversity of culture and people is beautiful and Ghanaians are known to be very welcoming. There is a genuine need for assistance particularly in primary schools where education has recently been made compulsory across the country – there are simply not enough teachers to go around so any extra help is very gladly we welcome.
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iafrivo hiv and aids volunteer photoAIDS is responsible for over 3 million deaths in Africa. Despite major investments in AIDS prevention, the rate of HIV infection in many African countries is still rising.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic has exacerbated poverty and malnutrition. Families hit by AIDS see their food production cut in half.

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iafrivo autism teaching program photoThe school provides education for children and vocational training and employment for adults who have intellectual disability. Persons with other disabilities e.g. spastic, cerebral palsy, visually impaired, hearing impaired etc are also admitted so long as their primary disability is learning difficulty. Presently students aged four to forty plus years attend the school. New Horizon Special School, Accra - Ghana, is a purpose built establishment started by a mother of a daughter who has intellectual disability with the support of some parents and friends from American Women Association in January 1972.
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iafrivo agricultural and farming photoSustainable farming and agriculture is vital to the rural communities in Ghana which serves as their only means of income- and volunteers can make a difference by helping nurture agriculturally-dependent economies and offering assistance to the small farmers to get their products on the local and possibly on the international market. Volunteers on the project will have a lot of freedom to pursue their passion within the field, whether its genetics and breeding, agroforestry and conservation. Volunteer will work on the Agriculture Project involving both crop farming (Vegetables and Fruits)
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iafrivo work camp volunteer photoCome join our international short or long term volunteer project (Work-camp) this is a very meaningful way to travel with a purpose and spend some weeks in Ghana's environment. Working and living together with other volunteers from around the world provides an excellent opportunity to make many new friends, learn about unknown places and culture, gain new skills and experience. Your time and energy can make a difference in areas where help is really needed.
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iafrivo cultural and charity trip photoThis is an off-campus opportunities in enriching the students' knowledge and engaging them in a life changing experience. Our section is dedicated to providing the necessary support for students to experience learning through travel; Helping the local community in educational projects, doing volunteer work, attending conferences; participating in competitions and tournaments; meeting new people with different cultures and languages and connecting the students to Ghana, Africa,  giving them the chance to be ambassadors of the world.
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iafrivo sports and coaching volunteer photoThis volunteer opportunity is available in most schools and clubs mainly in Accra. You will be responsible for organizing training sessions and matches in collaboration with other local coaches. You will be responsible for providing information on the many topics related to developing physical and mental condition to help fitness enthusiasts, athletes and coaches achieve their goals and to assist students studying sport related qualifications.
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iafrivo swimming volunteer photoCoach and teach swimming to children in Ghana. Most of the children have not even stepped foot in any swimming pool before, so it will be a great opportunity and privilege to swim and more importantly to have an experienced volunteer from aboard to help them. Teaching them the swimming skills to stay safe in the swimming pool and at the beach. This swimming coaching program is a deeply rewarding sports experience for you and for the young swimmers. 
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iafrivo gap year photoVolunteer abroad with a group of your friends, colleagues, or peers for a rewarding and fun experience. Embrace a new culture together and share in the experience of a lifetime. Make new friends volunteering abroad, develop leadership skills, and learn a lot about your self in the process. All types of groups are invited to volunteer on IAFRIVO project.
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iafrivo customized volunteer photoCustom placements are available and a variety of other types of Internship programs not listed here.

We have coordinated meaningful volunteer work for business professionals, fire-fighters, writers, news reporters, journalists, engineers, artists, photographers, researchers and more who wanted to share their professional expertise or experience with others.

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