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inside africa volunteer internship photoAs you may know an internship is a period of practical training, carried out by a student within a company or organization. Some universities refer to all of these under the term of experiential education. Inside Africa Volunteer's Internship are specifically designed to offer the widest range of experience and training. Our presence in Ghana has enabled us to have connection with reputable organizations and companies looking for international interns. These internship and work experience are designed for students and professionals to gain first hand experience as well as offer a chance to build upon a resume or curriculum vita that has international image.

The variety of options available with Inside Africa Volunteer Programs / Projects are really unlimited. We work with different settings, covering human rights, health care, law, fashion, business and micro finance among many others. If that is not enough, we can always create new and custom ones using our presence and experience we have, including tailor-made opportunities. These Flexibility and Variety enables us to match volunteer skills and aspirations to a suitable placement and allow volunteer interns to join us when it is best for them.  Contact IAFRIVO today for a internship placement


iafrivo human rights internship photoAfrica, many nations have at least recognized basic human rights for all citizens, though in practice these are not always recognized. Extensive human rights abuses still occur in several parts of Africa, often under the oversight of the state. The situation of human rights in Africa and for that matter Ghana is generally reported to be poor, and it is seen as an area of grave concern according to the UN, and non-governmental observers.Continue Reading


iafrivo criminal civil business law internship photoThe legal system of Ghana is based on English common law and customary law. Over 100 distinct ethnic linguistic groups are represented in Ghana.
Sources of Law in Ghana;
Article 11 of the 1992 Ghana Constitution states that the laws of Ghana shall comprise: The Constitution Enactments made by or under the authority of the Parliament established by the Constitution [or legislation]; Any Orders, Rules and Regulations made by any person or authority under a power conferred by this Constitution.Continue Reading


iafrivo media and journalism internship photoThe Journalism programs we offer fall under Print or Newspaper Journalism, Radio Journalism and Television Journalism.
We provide interns with the opportunity to have experience in Ghana's leading media production houses and multi-national advertising agencies giving you a comprehensive experience in television, radio, news paper production and advertising that will help you enhance and develop your career goals in these fields.
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iafrivo health care internship photoWith greater efforts to improve health service delivery, especially the health of women and children, an emphasis is placed on improving the quality of reproductive health services and on preventing and reducing the impact of widespread communicable diseases, bridging gaps that prevent efficient and effective delivery of health services, and fostering partnerships that lead to improved health in Africa.
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iafrivo mental and psychiatric internship photoAlcohol, tobacco and drug related problems are becoming an increasing concern in Ghana. Many of the countries in Africa are used as transit points for illicit drug trade and these drugs are finding their way into local populations, adding to the indigenous problems associated with cannabis consumption.
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iafrivo veterinary internship photoThe veterinary volunteer intern program is designed to provide a good learning experience for anyone who has an interest in animals and has a career goal in the veterinary profession. If you have a passion for working with animals, either in the field of veterinary medicine or in a more general animal care-oriented role, then this program is a perfect way for you to gain some knowledge and put your skills into practice. 
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iafrivo midwifery internship photoThe volunteer will assist to provide prenatal care, conducting examinations to ensure pregnancies are progressing normally. They counsel pregnant women about nutrition and recommend prenatal vitamins as appropriate. They counsel women or pregnant women to always give birth at the hospital rather than giving birth at home. If complications will arise, they may make referrals to other hospitals that have obstetricians specializing in high-risk pregnancies.
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iafrivo dental health care internship photoYou will be assisting a team made up of dental care professionals and treats a wide range of patients, from children to the elderly. Examining teeth and diagnosing patients' dental conditions, using tools such as X-rays; Assessing treatment options and agreeing treatment plans with patients; carrying out agreed clinical treatments, such as treating gum disease, restoring teeth affected by decay.
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iafrivo laboratory internship photoCome to Accra and work in a laboratory in a local hospital supporting a local Ghanaian community. This project is based in a hospital that offers services in general medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, laboratory tests, x-ray, dermatology, ophthalmology, ECG, mother and child healthcare and ultrasound. For all these departments there is only one laboratory where all patients get sent for tests which means that there is an incredibly high workload.
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iafrivo optometry internship photoAfrica carries a disproportionate radio in terms of blindness and visual impairment. It is estimated that Africa carries large percentage of the world's blindness. It is no surprise that this reality also mirrors the situation in terms of the burden of world poverty. There is an increasing recognition of the need to highlight the link between poverty, development and health care. 
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iafrivo fashion and design internship photoYou will have the opportunity to test your career interests, gain experience, and realize long and short-term goals. IAFRIVO is partnered with highly respected fashion studios that offer courses to local students as well as design emerging traditional African fashion and clothing using our own textiles, such as the Real Wax Print, Wooden etc which distinguish the features of the African traditional and international outfits.
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iafrivo entrepreneurship internship photoThe goals of entrepreneurial schools (career schools) are to teach upcoming entrepreneurs specific skills and as such have been better considered to be an institution devoted to training, education as well as expose ‘will be young people to the “real world” of business by taking them on field trips to local business offices. During these exposures the students are able to identify and develop their business start up potential.
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iafrivo micro finance and business internship photoMicro finance is a good structure of providing a support through dispensing small, low-interest loans to assist small scale businesses or local individuals and groups to work their way out of poverty. The project targets those in need of assistance in small schemes, bookkeeping and give them the head start that they need to empower themselves gradually out of poverty within the community. 
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iafrivo customized internship photoCustomize placements are available and a variety of other types of Internship programs not listed here. We have coordinated meaningful volunteer/internship work for business professionals, fire-fighters, writers, news reporters, journalists, engineers, artists, photographers, researchers and more who wanted to share their professional expertise or experience with others.
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