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iafrivo journalism and media internship project

The Journalism programs we offer fall under Print or News paper Journalism, Radio Journalism and Television Journalism. We provide interns with the opportunity to have experience in Ghana's leading media production houses and multi-national advertising agencies giving you a comprehensive experience in television, radio, news paper production and advertising that will help you enhance and develop your career goals in these fields. On our Journalism placements, you do not only get an insider's view of how publications are run but also the exposure that comes with it.
If you are already a working journalist or a student, this is a chance to broaden your horizon and enhance your resume with work experience in a different culture and society, or maybe a different medium.

Job Duties of Newspaper Journalists
Journalists work in newsrooms and in the field, observing, taking good notes, cultivating sources, analysing events objectively and quickly writing accurate articles. Newspaper journalists may investigate issues to find the story behind the story, and they need to be well-versed in the laws related to the framework for the press. Some newspaper journalists are given general assignments, special assignments or a regular beat to cover, while others focus on a specific category of news, such as politics, foreign affairs, sports or finances.

Job Duties of Broadcast Journalists
Broadcast journalists are responsible for investigating, gathering and reporting on news and current affairs. They are expected to present this information in a fair, balanced and accurate way through news bulletins, documentaries and other factual programmes for radio, television and online broadcast.

Broadcast journalists can fill a number of roles within the media including editor, reporter, presenter/news anchor, producer and correspondent.

Covering breaking developments, gathering facts, conducting interviews and writing clear and concise articles for publication. Curiosity and writing abilities are key traits for aspiring Newspaper Journalists, but a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism is required for many entry-level positions.

Typical work activities
Although exact duties and responsibilities will vary from role to role and between radio, television and the internet, broadcast journalists will generally be involved in many of the following duties, on a daily basis:

generating ideas for stories/features and following leads from news agencies, the police, the public, press conferences and other sources;

pitching ideas to editors and commissioners; researching and collating evidence and information to support a story using relevant information sources (internet, archives, databases, etc)

writing scripts for bulletins, headlines and reports which adhere to legal and contractual guidelines, selecting appropriate locations, pictures and sound and exercising editorial judgement on the best angle to approach a story, using portable digital video (DV) cameras and other equipment to record material and appropriate editing software to produce complete packages for broadcast.

Preparing and presenting material 'on air' for both pre-recorded and live pieces. Identifying potential interviewees, briefing them, preparing interview questions and conducting both live and recorded interviews;

Start date, end date and duration of this journalism internship are flexible.

1. Location:
The project is based in the capital city, Accra, with shops, banks & Internet cafes nearby. This vibrant city is renowned for its friendly atmosphere where visitors are always welcome. It's full of contrasts: from traditional culture and history to modern infrastructure.

2. About this project:
Our Flexibility and Variety enables us to match your skills and aspirations to a suitable volunteer internship programs that allows you to join us when it is best for you. There are no set start and end dates and programs run continuously throughout the year, so we can easily fit your schedule. These allow volunteers to join us on a flexible time frame in creative projects. Whenever volunteers arrive and at whatever time, we will be waiting at the airport for them with all the details for their project fully prepared. This flexibility also allows people to combine programs, to live and work with friends, and to work at the placement which inspires them most.

3. Arrival and Departure Point:
(Kotoka International Airport, Accra)

4. Working Hours:
Monday to Friday, Starting at 08.00 am
25-40 hour week

5. Transport:
Dependent on where you are staying, not more than 60 minutes travelling time. Part by commercial mini bus/taxi and part walking.



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