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Thank you for your interest in Inside Africa Volunteer (IAFRIVO). We are committed to providing you with the best and most memorable volunteer intern abroad experience.       
► 1. IAFRIVO accepts applicants who want to:
A) make a valuable contribution to their selected program or community based projects, 
B) learn about their host country and 
C) experience the local culture and adventure-packed activities. Undergraduates, graduates, post-graduates and non-students may apply. Applicant must be more than 17 years of age to participate on the IAFRIVO Program.
► 2. Please read through your preferred program or project carefully and also take note of the PROGRAM FEE PAGE. If you want a customized program, please indicate it on the application form. Let us know why you decide to choose a particular placement so we can best fit your placement to your needs or interest.
► 3. You need to send us your current resume/curriculum vitae (CV) and identification photo (The id photo will enable us to easily identify you when we come to pick you up at the airport). 
What is next after completing the application process? 
We would respond to your application or Email within 24 hours and expect your placement details as soon as your application form has been received and reviewed. If you submitted your application form and did not hear from us early as expected, please contact us either through a follow up Email or use an instant messaging method such as Text message, WhatsApp, Skype at our contact page


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