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Africa carries a disproportionate ratio in terms of blindness and visual impairment. It is estimated that Africa carries large percentage of the world's blindness. It is no surprise that this reality also mirrors the situation in terms of the burden of world poverty. There is an increasing recognition of the need to highlight the link between poverty, development and health care.
Blindness, disabling visual impairment and the overall lack of eye-care services are too often the result of social, economic and developmental challenges of the developing Africa. The state of eye care in Africa stands in alarming contrast to that in the rest of the world.

Poor practitioner-to-patient ratios, absence of eye-care personnel, inadequate facilities, poor state funding and a lack of educational programs are the hallmarks of eye care in Africa or Ghana for that matter, with preventable and treatable conditions being the leading cause of blindness. Eye diseases causing preventable blindness are often the result of a combination of factors such as poverty, lack of education and inadequate health-care services.

The duties include but not limited to the following, volunteer intern will help work with professionals to provide diagnostic tests, measure and record vision, and test eye muscle function also show patients how to insert, remove, and care for contact lenses, and they apply eye dressings. Under the direction of the physician, administer eye medications. They also maintain optical and surgical instruments and may assist the ophthalmologist in surgery.

This opportunity is ongoing program and therefore any date can apply. To apply, complete our on line application form and attach your current CV (resume) and personal photo. You would be contacted after your application has been received and reviewed within 24 hours. This opportunity is ongoing program and therefore any date can apply


1. Location:
The project is based in the capital city, Accra, with shops, banks & Internet cafes nearby. This vibrant city is renowned for its friendly atmosphere where visitors are always welcome. It's full of contrasts: from traditional culture and history to modern infrastructure.

2. About this project:
Our Flexibility and Variety enables us to match your skills and aspirations to a suitable volunteer internship programs that allows you to join us when it is best for you. There are no set start and end dates and programs run continuously throughout the year, so we can easily fit your schedule. These allow volunteers to join us on a flexible time frame in creative projects. Whenever volunteers arrive and at whatever time, we will be waiting at the airport for them with all the details for their project fully prepared. This flexibility also allows people to combine programs, to live and work with friends, and to work at the placement which inspires them most.

3. Arrival and Departure Point:
(Kotoka International Airport, Accra)

4. Working Hours:
Monday to Friday, Starting at 08.00 am
25-40 hour week

5. Transport:
Dependent on where you are staying, not more than 60 minutes travelling time. Part by commercial mini bus/taxi and part walking.



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